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Store Policies

General Shipping Information
State and Local Restrictions

The moment you place your order, the item or items belong to you. We do not allow you to cancel orders. An item or items cannot be returned. Shipping of ammunition is by UPS Ground or FedEx Ground. Non-ammunition items are shipped by drop shipment directly from our distributors and may take approximately two weeks for delivery.


An adult signature is recommended, but not required, on delivery of ammunition and high-value items. If an adult will not be home to sign for the order, you might consider shipping the order to your place of employment or a UPS Store, or requesting UPS hold the package at the service center for pick-up. Should you require an adult signature, please request one in the "notes" section of the order. With that said, we are are not responsible for stolen or lost items once they are delivered. 


If you need us to change the shipping address, please do so as soon as possible before the order ships. If circumstances are such that we have to pay for an address change, by requesting an address change you give us your permission to charge your credit card to reimburse us.


If the order is canceled once the tracking number has been issued or the shipment is pending, not picked-up, or refused and returned to us, you will be charged a 15% restocking fee, possibly a change of address fee, and the shipping charges you already have paid will not be refunded.

Please be careful when selecting "residential" or "business" when completing your shipping address. If you operate a business from your place of residence, most likely UPS or FedEx considers it to be a residential address. If you choose "business," but the shipping company then charges us the higher residential rate, by placing an order you give us your permission to add the additional shipping charges to your credit card without any further notification or authorization. If you are not sure, please check with UPS or FedEx prior to placing an order. 

Finally, we may occasionally contact you to request proof of address for your delivery. This may be due to a difference in shipping and billing or a high value transaction. With the costs of ammunition and accessories in today's market, we take your credit security and any possibility of lost/stolen ammunition seriously. 

When completing an order, you must also meet and agree to the following regulatory requirements:

-You are at least 21 years of age 

-You have not been ajudicated as a mental defective and have not been committed to any mental institution

-You are not a fugitive from justice

-You are not an unlawful user or addicted to any controlled substance

-You have never been and are not expected to be dishonorably discharged from the Armed Forces

-You have never been and are not expected to be convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence in    any court


We order our ammunition directly from the manufacturer or through a network of distributors. Unfortunately, some distributors place a label directly on the case and send it to us, leading to cracked plastic containers (especially CCI 22 ammunition) or damaged exterior cardboard casing during the inbound shipment process. This can even occur on a well packaged shipment. If we suspect damage, we will ensure that all ammunition is present and that the interior boxes are preserved. 

Unfortunately, Illinois voted to ban "assault" weapons and high capacity magazines in January of 2023. While we whole heartedly believe this to be unconstitutional, we are currently unable to sell "assault" weapons and high capacity magazines to Illinois citizens. Stay tuned for further information.

As of 2/1/2024, we ship directly to California residents. Illinois customers who purchase ammunition must submit a copy of their driver's license and FOID card prior to their order being shipped by email. The same is true of any other states that have similar laws, such as New Jersey. For New York customers, state law requires the ammunition to be sent to a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL). Be sure to contact your local dealer and confirm that they accept ammunition shipments. We do not ship to the states of AK and HI or to cities that may have their own laws or ordinances, which may include the surrounding areas of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Washington D.C., or Chicago. It is up to you to know your state and local laws and act accordingly. 

Ammunition is classified as hazardous material and cannot be shipped to any state or territory to which we cannot send merchandise by UPS ground service (Alaska and Hawaii or US Territories). Due to the hazardous nature of ammunition, it cannot be returned. That is the same policy as other retailers. If you feel that it could be defective, that is an issue for you to discuss directly with the manufacturer.
If you have issues checking out on our shopping page, please attempt the following suggestions:
-Delete cookies and cache from current browser
-Attempt checkout again from a desktop or laptop computer
-Change internet web browsers (i.e. Safari to Google Chrome)
-Contact the number on your credit card to confirm the purchase (large charges are flagged often!)
If you serve your local community, state, or our incredible country in any capacity, we thank you for your service and appreciate your dedication. We do not, however, offer discounts as we constantly strive to provide products at the lowest possible cost to our customers. 

214.704.2000 /  chris at / Woodstock, Illinois

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